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We recommend that you always check the details with the seller prior to purchase. Later cars were fitted with a sill finisher and sill lettering. The brakes on these little cars are very reliable when in good condition. Thanks to tough american emission-control standards, the ’76 midget had just 55 horses under the bonnet. The top is merely a suggestion, electrics are useless and it hydroplanes on any body of water bigger than a sponge.

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1977 midget car dimensions. Also at this time rostyle wheels, similar to those fitted to mgbs were fitted as standard with wires still being offered as an option, and all the interior switches were made to be of the rocker type in the aid of safety. I saw very little of the remaining work that went into this car as by now i was away furthering my education, but whenever i came home and made a visit to peter, i noticed a little more had been done and so over time witnessed the re-birth of the midget. Likewise, the lower front panel is vulnerable to corrosion plus the lower parts of the front wings. He was at the time, among other things, about half way through the re-building of a spitfire (a supermarine spitfire not a triumph), and not just any old spitfire either, but the only known surviving naval version called a seafire. Moving back, the rear of the front wings is also a mud trap where it meets the top of the sill, this area will rot away and also the footwell panel and sill with it, in extreme cases, the inner sill and front floor can be effected too.


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It is very rare that the gearbox tunnel will be found to have any corrosion due to engine and gearbox oil leaks over the years protecting it, the sills on the other hand are a key area of corrosion. These cars are ridiculously simple. You knew this, but you cannot embrace it until you have lived it.

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