Ambergris sperm whale

Ambergris: whale barf and perfume

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If you are looking to sell ambergris (or even buy it. In history, there are very few people who were able to chance upon a lump of floating gold, and because they did it with a generous dash of luck, it is almost similar to winning the lottery. And then anywhere in what melville called the watery part of the world: the maldives, the bahamas, the caribbean, the philippines, etc. It got its name because it looks like the amber washed up on beaches in the baltic. If squid beaks are found in the material it is a good indication that you have ambre gris.

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Ambergris sperm whale. A final note: possession of ambergris has been illegal in the u. When i saw how much it could be worth, i went back to the beach and grabbed it!” wilman told the. We could not say what is the ultimate amount of time for a piece to cure but normally it would be desirable for the piece to float in the ocean for as long as possible (20 – 30 years). Sometimes people end up buying the lowest type for a higher price. We could not estimate the precise age of a piece, according to the appearance. While ambergris can still be found sold around the world it is considered illegal to hunt and/or track sperm whales for the purpose of collecting ambergris.


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You must be over the age of 13. A broker’s reputation takes time to establish and is jealously guarded. It is possible to find ambergrey anywhere on the sea shore, but especially on beaches exposed to wind.

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