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China finally banned the use of amazing gel in april 2006 after 9 years of its tolerated use. This procedure results in natural-looking breasts with a smooth and quick postoperative recovery (fig. Yoshinori nagumo) is inserted to facilitate dissection. The patient usually returns home the same day. Liquid silicone injection made directly into the breast mound had been very popular during past decades, mostly in china and taiwan.

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Asian long nipple. The pectoralis minor is separated from the pectoralis major muscle according to different muscle fiber directions. (b) preoperative oblique view. (b, c) foreign body removed. Fda reapproval in november 2006. Use of the inframammary approach for correction of complication and secondary deformities. However, the number of augmentation mammaplasties performed in asian women is not as high as it would be expected in western culture. A 3-cm skin incision is made in the axillary fold.



A new inframammary fold was created by fixing the dermis to the rib cage. The treatment of such complications remains a challenge for plastic surgeons.

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