Asian pear calleryana

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On ecosystems and to determine effective methods of control. Which were once classified as varieties of. ), chinese sand pear group and japanese pear group [. Is a perennial tree that begins flowering at approximately three years of age. One of the biggest problems is its shape. Shinko are the main two varieties recommended for commercial and home use. At harvest it has only fair flavor, but flavor
improves in storage.


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Hardiness zones:

Beginning of a new invasive plant: a history of the ornamental callery pear in the united states | bioscience | oxford academic

Asian pear calleryana. First, cultivars themselves may escape and form invasive populations. We wish to thank brian baumgartner, marjie becus, bob fulcher, keith manbeck, james mundy, and michael vincent for contributing information or field assistance. 2016 invasive plant atlas of the united states. Tree has average vigor.

Family (botanic):

Of the changjiang river region. Early spring flowers may be damaged by frost.