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Going back to the point, and in reply to bobby, the things you give up on with the republic are basically finishing touches. I admit those republics look super nice at that price point. They offer both biscuit and spider-type resonators and a couple of different finishes. They are played by australia’s leading slide guitarists phil manning and domonic taylor (backsliders). Has been making outstanding resophonic guitars for many years and is considered one of the true experts on this type guitar in the usa. A history lesson may be in order.

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Asian resonator guitar manufacturer. Vintage detailing includes classic pearloid parallelogram inlays and the elaborate hummingbird pickguard. Samick built a factory capable of producing one million instruments a year. We have a wide variety of pages giving information and enabling you to contact us before and after your purchase. Regal has a beautiful line of high selling resonators with good quality designs. If the tricones sound as nice as the single cone, i’d be very happy. It is also noteworthy that the action was great right of the box and the feel is just excellent for this price range resonator.

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Likewise, original danelectro “longhorn” guitars and basses have a visual flare as well as a funky distinctive sound of their own. The volume is
also much louder (some bluegrass players have jokingly
referred to the melobro as the “banjo killer”).