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To help along the labor process. I’m convinced that most don’t have nerve endings that far in that can sense this, but i know nothing about anatomy. Receiving anal sex as the bottom without a condom always gave me stomach cramps after he ejuculated. Right now, however, there’s no evidence. Found that swallowing semen is correlated to a lower risk of preeclampsia.

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Ass in sperm. Orgasms release a body chemical called prolactin, which. That found that nerve growth factor (which remember is in semen) can jump-start ovulation. Over time) but nothing i could find on how the melatonin in semen affects the bodies of sex partners. For folks without vaginas. So if your sex includes orgasming, that might be the reason for your pain reduction. Its also very dangerous if you dont know the sexual health of the top guy as if he has an sti or worse hiv, the infection will very quickly be transfered to you via your rectum. Both of which diminish pain.

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This claim is mostly just incorrectly-worded. So when we learned that these chemicals can be found in semen, the claim quickly caught on that having unprotected sex at the end of pregnancy.

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