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Such stimuli are similar to pictures of nude individuals, in the sense that only men or women, but not both, are depicted in a given picture. Participants provided information about sexual orientation, sexual interests, and personality, in addition to answering screening questions relevant to medical eligibility for fmri research. 604 (the mathworks inc. After responding to advertisements, participants were screened for inclusion using online questionnaires. If you do not wish to view this material or if you’re under 18, please do not enter. Indeed, one study found that relative vs responses to food and erotic images predicted relative levels of weight gain and sexual desire in the months following fmri assessment. When sexual stimuli produce significant fmri responses, it can be difficult to determine the extent to which different brain regions indicate general arousal, sexual arousal, or both.

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Specific results vary by experimental paradigm, but findings generally suggest that mechanisms underlying the response to erotic stimuli overlap with those involved in responding to arousing and rewarding stimuli more generally. Functional neuroimaging focusing on the vs may be a particularly valuable converging line of evidence for studying sexual responses in women, as physiological arousal patterns have been difficult to interpret in light of their low correlation with subjective report. Bisexual men also showed significantly more similar vs responses between male and female stimuli for pictures but not for videos.