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Rowlandson also illustrated smollett, goldsmith and sterne, and his designs will be found in. (last updated: 12 january 2017). Presumably based upon an incident involving an english princess in 1800, rowlandson caricatured the military pomp and pretension with at least as much glee as he spent upon politicians or the nobility. Start typing the name of a page. The sheet has some pale toning, with the outer edges covered by overmat lighter in color than surrounding areas.

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Erotic rowlandson thomas. The british museum collection database is a work in progress. 25″, and three others by the same hand, and one further lithograph by the same hand, five (5). The first thing you should do is contact the seller directly. In a time when newspapers were just beginning to get started, it was frequently a practice for. There are two tape hinges top edge verso affixed to undermat. We see no evidence of restoration.

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Executed on paper laid down to a backing sheet of paper, the backing sheet of paper with two tape hinges at top edge affixed to undermat. In his craving for cash rowlandson didn’t care much about who paid him either.