Extraction mortem post sperm

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In israel, arguably one of the most permissive countries for posthumous reproduction, a 2011 article in. The american society for reproductive medicine’s position is that post-mortem sperm requests should be granted only to surviving spouses or life partners, and that there must be a grief period prior to the sperm’s use. She is not sure if she will continue. When possible, we recorded the subsequent activity of partners who followed psr guidelines and elected to conceive with retrieved sperm. I need to be clear that i am not suggesting that more people should have their sperm collected and used after their death. Two eej procedures and one orchidoepididymectomy were performed on three mechanically ventilated neurologically unresponsive men.

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Extraction mortem post sperm.


Even so, she says that she has no regrets about the decision she made. As they were uniformly recorded in all cases, we used these time points to calculate the relevant sperm retrieval intervals. Three perimortem sperm retrieval cases were excluded.