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This paper discusses some of the difficulties which arise when reporting computer face recognition testing results. Get used to it. We, at the university of greenwich, are interested in finding people. If you’re going to editorialize, at least try to get the facts straight. First, in the familiarity check, participants identified a reasonable number of faces (.

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Facial recognition test. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists? try independent minds free for 14 days. In this case police were tipped off and found stolen goods in leigh’s home. Most people find this task difficult, but the super recognisers correctly identified the target face on more than 93 per cent of trials, compared with an average hit rate of 80 per cent among the students. Met police officers designated as super recognisers examine surveillance footage such as this still of danielle corns, pictured left smiling on cctv during the riots in wolverhampton city centre, and right, outside court.


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(25 trials), in which a face was repeated quickly, within four to eight trials of the initial presentation. Like a lamp the third awareness is born in me.

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