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Whenever we fuck, she always wants me to dress as a woman. However, if you don’t share the desire to pursue these fantasies, you should run far and fast away before it pulls you into a deep and dark web. Your husband wears your panties- that is a bit weird, i wouldn’t say gay, only panties, not trying to dress up like a woman, i wouldn’t say cross dresser. At some point this isn’t psychology at all, but much more the shaming of women disguised as sex studies.

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Girls wearing makeup sucking dick. Wear too much lipstick ladies and all the men will think you are a floozy! yeah, psychology today! No one could tell that i was just sucking the life out of some guy. I have been the bull to a number of cuckold couples and we all had a great time. He put on my lingerie set and stockings. Let people wear what they want under their clothes. Choose your battles ladies.


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He shows off his shaved. And you’re going to hear about it. I keep one set of shaving gear for my face and another for the other areas, and i use antibacterial powder or antifungal cream ‘down there’.