Lick my nipples men

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Still have yet to find out if this is a particular talent of my partner’s or just something about me. Personally i hate it! that’s just me though. My lover is meh about his nipples, think that might have something to do with the fact that they were pierced for a few years but he took the jewelry out about 5 years ago. I love mine being tweaked and flicked, brushed, sucked, bitten. Except they get raw occasionally when i run with a tshirt on and forget to out bandaids on first.

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How to get him to suck your boobs

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Edit: i think the replies here support this – that some dislike it or don’t feel much at all, and some feel like it’s a highway to the crotch. I think you should tell him and seduce him. It just feels like my nipples are being played with, nothing at all.

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