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Ishmael was denied in favor of isaac, who was abraham’s son with sarah. Which led to him dramatically revising the narrative to make it more complex. He preaches about jonah and the whale and references sodom and gomorrah to introduce the theme of god’s punishment of those who do not obey him. The names of the characters in moby dick are similar to the names in the bible, and their outcome is the same. When he feels sorry for himself, he compares himself to lazarus from the bible. When they finally find the great whale, they attempt to harpoon it, but the whale smashes the boat and gets away; they try again, lose a crew member, ahab injures the whale, but in the end, his own harppon rope kills him and the pequod sinks. The author stuffs moby dick with biblical allusions, consequently, main characters of the book are symbolically attached to figures in the bible.

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Moby dick allusions pequod. : melville’s obsessive focus is on “man versus whale” or more accurately, “man versus mortal enemy”– an enduring literary theme through the ages, both in- (the movie “jaws”) and out- (“david and goliath”) of the water. Why do you think ishamel is the sole survivor at the end of moby-dick? Doubleday, garden city, new york, (1966). I am comparing the allusion of the satan and the fallen.

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Chapter 128: the pequod meets the rachel. Thank you for your help. Within babylon there existed the chaldean magic rituals and when babylon was conquered by the persians, persian magic also influenced the religion.