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Foreplay doesn’t have to involve crazy tricks or take too long, either. We’re stopping in-between positions, drinking water, moving the camera,” and that’s just enough time to think about other things and desensitize the penis, luv says. Breathe slightly slower and more deeply than is typical, and relax your voice box upon exhaling. Taking the initiative and being confident in telling him what you want is a turn on. Knowing that, we thought it’d be interesting to find out what porn stars really think people need to know about sex, and that maybe we could learn a few things from the people who’ve (most likely) had it more than anyone else.

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Pornstar sex tips. Anus does not naturally lubricate itself like vagina does, so you have to keep reapplying lubrication on your penis or whatever object you are putting in there. Yes, even from adult film stars. Not only do they know about it, they’re experts at it. I know a lot of women who are embarrassed because they enjoy giving oral sex. So, you know, if you don’t like soda and potato chips, don’t buy them.


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You may unsubscribe at any time. This helps her last longer and act more convincingly, as one adult film sex scene can take up to an hour to make.

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