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Masturbating for at least a day or two before you hang out. When turned on after awhile, i think we all catch a few drips of pre-ejaculate on our underwear but i’ve never had it happen like you’re describing. There is no difference in the amount of sperm when aroused. He happens to produce a lot more precum than anybody i have ever been with, i think it’s really sexy but i was wondering how common it is for a man to produce enough precum to lubricate his entire penis several times over. Will fall pregnant over the course of a year. The public thing actually makes a lot of sense now. I had a little wet spot on my jeans(from precum).

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Precum sperm arousal. Relevant values of semen parameters from who guidelines. If you have questions about nocturnal emissions, talk with your doctor. ) and limit the opportunity for foreplay, hence reducing the popularity of condom use. This fluid is made of semen and sperm, usually spurts out, and can also differ in amount. Pregnancy generally occurs when a male sperm comes in contact with female egg cells. In a modern society, instead of standing proud and embrace the enhanced fertility advantage, some men would rather take medicine to reduce the natural secretion. So since its natural and the way it will probably be, you should just deal with it.


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Precum isn’t sperm, nor is it even a considerable portion of seminal fluid. I can’t answer for her specifically but this would be a huge, massive turn on for me. 13,14,15 because correlation does not imply causation, it should be cautioned against to attribute the findings of these studies to the properties of semen.

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