Stop or i will spank you

15 punctuation errors your english teacher would spank you for

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They are not a bad child because they hit, but the behavior is unacceptable. Annoying behaviors such as perpetual tantrums, burping, farting, pencil tapping, loud noises and baby talk all bring out the worst in parents. Even for parents who still advocate spanking, it’s still worth asking yourself if the particular behavior in question definitely warrants spanking, or if your mood for today has predisposed you to hitting your child. If they had been spanked as a child they would have known better not to break the law.

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Stop or i will spank you. Ah the humble comma; a source of many punctuation errors. Today, i am committed to continuing the work of building a healthier childhood for my son than i had. But while this sounds like the instinctive mode of discipline, the lack of spanking does not necessarily mean that the child has to be spoiled. My father spanked my siblings and i.


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Sure, at times i. Then ancient insecurities, as they always do, crept back.

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