Using food as dildos

A guideline for using household objects as sex toys


The headband provides a ribbed texture. Better vaginal balance means better taste. Crafted from pvc (polyvinyl chloride, a kind of synthetic plastic), this dildo is flexible without being floppy. But he really loves to eat me out and eat my ass. When playing with a partner, your hands are sure to be busy.

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Using food as dildos. French fries are dipping foods too, but they’re not classy enough to be sexy. She’s right about that one; so right that i didn’t need to test it because you already know it’s the bomb. At more than 10 inches long and more than two inches thick, this extra-large rubber dildo is perfect for anyone looking for a deep, girthy experience. You most likely won’t get it out by hand, because no hold, slippery and your fingers and arms may not be long enough.


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In their paper, the greens demanded to know what the government planned to do about the problem. I guess what’s great about them is you can use them as an impromptu dildo, but there’s nothing actually sexy about them.

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