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This topic is still in discussion as we will check how this affects the rest of the domination endgame. I do like the idea of having some sort of capital system endgame, but that will have to wait a bit. The current values fopr time are just base values, we will probably iterate on them as worlds are created and players show different preferences. But i have actively played for quite a while, i have experienced the whole game, and even won a world :). Yea, i am still working on how the ww would fit and how their effects would work.

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World domination add alliances. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. If that happend than i simply must make a little calculation when would domination phase starting und activating the mode 1 or 2 days before. Lets say 75% ( not necessarily ) of their cities can be lost. I know you want to keep it simple but here is my ideas. Ill post more as soon as i am done. Taking into account alliance limits when determining the required percentage, would therefore be an elegant and effective solution in my opinion, although the concrete values would of course have to be determined in testing. We are what you call ultimate fighting alliance who never care about nap or pact just kill everything on their path.

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One, an empire has to build a wonder/capital city/source of production. But i dont think you should be too worried about the value that needs to be reached, as there is a subsystem exactly to readjust this value in case a world is too far from reaching it.